Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hurricane Erik, Mother Nature Just Called

I had a conversation with an old buddy of mine, Hurricane Erik, just the other day. He said he had been enjoying the posts here on "Brass-Knuckle Love Butter" and I appreciated the support. We haven't really caught up in years, so it was nice to chat. His relationship with his woman has sucked the life out of him over its duration. Whatever it is they had has unraveled and left him in a state of complacency. As we chatted, he referred to one of my earlier blog posts "...And We All Fall Down". We shared a moment of suffering, philosophized about the effects of being broken by a woman and came to the conclusion that the shattered pieces of life are better off discarded for dead. It takes a lot of self exploration to reach such an honest conclusion. No matter the circumstances, never give up on YOURSELF.

Yeah, I'm an asshole for making this.

Hurricane Erik graduated from college a decade ago with a degree in creative writing, yet has written nothing in years. Obviously with a moniker like "Hurricane Erik" one could only imagine the incredible approach to life this man possesses. When we were younger men working and socializing together, he took this world by storm on an hourly basis. Though there was the occasional path of destruction left behind him, this nickname was more about his powerful presence of life - a natural zest for testing his own physical and intelligible limits. He was kind of like "Beast" from the X-Men comics. His animal instincts were perfectly symmetric to his human intellect. When we spoke recently, I encouraged him to write about anything. He said he often thinks about putting his recent tales down on paper, but needs a good push.

I didn't know Beast had a Mac.

His rebound story apparently, "..involves death metal, dank beer and two women.." and I believe it partially takes place at a sex dungeon. My review on the cover would simply read, "A renaissance man full of logic, revels in sexual chaos and unveils the difficulties of Man's most challenging quest - Woman (or in his case, Women.)". That's some hardcore visceral shit right there! Hurricane Erik's journey, warding off life's woes through primal experimentation, would easily navigate a common man through the uncharted dark waters of his own soul. I realize "Self-Improvement" seems like the wrong genre to classify this story, but Hurricane Erik is very much himself and easily laughs at the thought of being uncomfortable in his own skin. He is a gifted thinker and storyteller with a gusto for striking a nerve in people. The more controversial someone finds him, the more they could benefit having him in their lives.

Pain is pleasure... Flogging looks dangerous. What is that brush for??

Self discovery sustains creative expression and in Hurricane Erik's case, he is well equipped. I had planned to passively encourage him to start writing again, but I reconsidered that approach when he brought up the sex dungeon. Clearly he likes it rough, so instead I decided to spread on the "Love Butter" and hit him hard with the "Brass-Knuckle". Hence this blog post. It is about time he sees the forest for the trees and embraces the big picture. Writing is a gift and just like his namesake, Hurricane, it comes naturally. Not only do I want him to get inspired, but I look forward to collaborating with him in the future. Lets make it rain, Brother!

Hurricane Erik originally introduced the colorful insights of Charles Bukowski into my life. His eyes would light up every time he spoke of him. It especially affected him when he felt his life coinciding with Bukowski's words. Hurricane Erik connects with people this very same way, so I thought I would end this bizarre prose of encouragement with a few of Bukowski's famous quotes:

-"My ambition is handicapped by my laziness."
-"What matters most is how well you walk though the fire."
-"If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose"

Well spoken.


Scotty J - "When push comes, fuck shove. Bum rush someone."

Monday, November 11, 2013

Confessions, Thoughts and Observations of a 30 Year Old Man - Real Life Revelations of Scotty Jacobs

This is a compilation of my own randomness. I have said this before and I don't feel like I will ever abandon this philosophy, "Nonsense makes the most sense.". Others, have their own rigid lives. Everything is planned out and that works for them. To me, that seems very boring. Like, maybe it lacks a wholesome reward, emotionally and spiritually. My goals are less tangible and more focused on the experiences in life and the way it makes us feel. My Dad describes this as being "sensitive" and he's probably right. In a past life, I was one of "The Lost Boys". Today, my lifestyle choice would probably be diagnosed as "Peter Pan Syndrome". I don't blame Toys R Us for this occurrence (Remember? "I don't wanna grow up! I'm a Toys R Us kid..."). It's simply just me being me. I did not attempt to filter my thoughts and feelings today. I stayed true to myself, there is only raw emotion and personal beliefs. So let's go deep, take a glimpse into my soul, keep an open mind and read at your own risk...

  • The thought of being skinny scares the shit out of me. My girth never limits my worth. 
  • Really muscular women do not turn me on. I also hate Jillian Michaels. She is a lunatic. When she dies, she has a room reserved next to the furnace in hell. She IS the BIGGEST "Loser". 
Ruthless Bitch.
  • Birthdays are my favorite holiday. Celebrate them always. 
Some of the best memories are made while celebrating someone great in our lives.
  • When someone uses the term "Jew 'em down", it takes all of the energy inside of me to keep myself from ripping their lips off of their face. (Ignorance is bliss, if you like being a redneck schmuck.)
  • Love is much bigger than any relationship.
  • A dog really is man's best friend.
See what I mean? Actually, this might be more than friendship.
  • All food items are acceptable at any meal. Any time of day, period.
There is no such thing as too much bacon.
  • Mexican heritage, traditions and families have the most incredible dynamics. We should take a lesson.
  • America worries about the safety and emotional well-being of its youths so much nowadays, that we will never let them grow up.
  • I am going to pull a woman's hair while doing her doggy-style. I am not sorry about this.
  • I love my Dad. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever known, yet I'm scared as fuck that I will end up just like him.
He is a handsome guy, it might not be so bad.
  • I have always been able to rely on my fists when words could not come to my rescue.
There's a southpaw in the house, keep your guard up.
  • A broken heart mends faster than shattered pride.
  • Being scandalous is not for me. In fact, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. 
  • When dogs squat to poop, they remind me of a kangaroo.
Striking resemblance!
  • Bruce Lee made more of an impact on this world in his short 32 years than most men could make in a thousand lifetimes.
There is so much more! He was truly remarkable.
  • Listen to R. Kelly, feel sexy and don't be afraid to get a little freaky from time to time.
"I don't see nothin' wroooong, with a little bit of bump 'n' griiiiiind.."
  • I hate how much "work out clothes" cost. I mean...what the fuck? They're no different than pajamas, don't pay for that shit. It's not a fashion contest. (This has to be Jillian's doing...damn it.)
  • Some people make excuses and point fingers. Others seek therapy. I smoke weed, take long walks and go fishing.
If you don't like this one, you can kiss my bass!
  • Religious recruitment is a no no. Seriously. 
  • Shaquille O'Neal is a tremendous role model. Just look at his life since he's been in the spotlight. Rick Reilly wrote about it in the year 2000 and his words still ring true.
  • The best hangover cure: Grab a shovel and keep digging a hole 'til the hangover is gone. Then, go eat a bacon cheeseburger. (You're welcome for this one.)
  • Being drunk is no excuse for: having a shitty attitude, leading someone on, being brutally honest, cheating on a lover, picking a fight or sharing careless words. When the booze wears off, be responsible for your actions.
  • Funerals make me cry. Not only from feeling a loss personally, but especially when I watch the people closest to the Departed.
I love your strength and never ending support, James. You're my brother...always.
  • One of the most amazing transformations I have ever witnessed is a man becoming a father. Something I have yet to personally experience. Truly powerful.
Super Dad Status.
  • Ignoring a woman pushes her right off the edge of sanity. 
  • Mayonnaise. That's right.
  • I have earned a fortune in friendships just by being myself. However, sometimes I am careless with this wealth. My best intentions aren't always good enough and that leaves me uneasy at times.
Nothing, but trouble.
  • Everything worth while has a cost. Financial, physical and/or emotional. Never fear the expense.
  • It makes my day to compliment a stranger. Hopefully it makes their day too.
  • Football is a sport that I love and the media is fucking that up for me.
  • True happiness can only be found within ourselves. It is not achieved by running errands and crossing things off of a checklist. Though doing so is satisfying, it really is moot in the grand scheme of life. 
  • Did I mention mayonnaise? Let me be more specific, Hellman's Mayonnaise.
Brings out the best!
  • Creative Expression. Aside from a random act of kindness, is the most admirable thing a human can do. Not only for themselves, but for those lucky enough to experience it.
It can happen anywhere, at any moment.
  • In high school, I briefly dated a young woman my senior year. She still (to this day) makes me laugh, think and feel like only a handful of people in my life can do. I am grateful for her friendship. No matter the distance I will always have her back, regardless of the circumstances.
I promise she's classier than this when I'm not around her, but not by much...
  • Heart and Soul will always have an upper hand to the Brain. To feel something is much greater than understanding it. An I.Q. is really just a number.
  • I write "Believe in Yourself" on post-it notes and stick them in places where I can't miss them.

Perfect reminder.
  • I have been provoked to the point where I have said a lot of nasty things to someone important in my life. Someone I loved very much. The next day, I felt awful. Alcohol poisoning would have been a walk in the park compared to this emotional hangover. Know yourself and don't let anyone else's actions make you forget who you are as a person.
This is EXACTLY what that feels like.
  • I love the word "fuck" in all of its possible variations.
  • The best time to awaken is just before dawn. I step outside to be in the moment when the sun is rising and the moon is setting. it is beyond euphoric. There is this genuine sense of hope and clarity. It feels like all of the world's problems could be solved in that very moment.
Good morning.
  • I like hash browns, hashish, hashing out details and corned beef hash. I hate hash-tag, it's called a fucking "number sign". Thanks for ruining it Twitter...jerks. (I know it's here to stay. I am just having a rough time embracing this one.)
  • A woman's imperfections are quite the contrary. I love when a woman is unique and different, it's sexy as hell.
  • At the same time I'll admit, I have a weakness for cinnamon skin, dark espresso hair and dangerous curves. Honestly, who doesn't?
Can I have a sip of that?
  • I love the ditch diggers, baggage handlers and burger flippers of the world. You're my kind of people.
  • There is nothing more rewarding for me than writing. I've been doing it for myself since I was a kid. Only recently, I have found myself sharing it with the world. My focus is not only to stay inspired and be entertaining, but to be inspirational. Dreams do come true. Tell me about yours and hold nothing back. I will encourage you, look for answers with you and be by your side to overcome any fears or doubts about pursuing them. I am willing to be a stepping stone on your path to reaching your own dreams. (Even though I still believe you can do it on your own.) 

My life is a work in progress. These statements are merely a reflection of my current inner-self. At any given time they are subject to change. Moses certainly did not come down from Mt. Sinai with these carved in stone (However, I have seen a burning bush once. Please remember to always put out your cigarettes.). On the surface, there is no rhyme or reason to all of these. I haven't traveled the world over, but I have visited the hearts of many individuals (my own included.). It's there that I've witnessed indescribable beauty, darkness and misdirection, a higher purpose, sincerity, compassion, addiction, empathy, hate, sadness, the battle of good and evil, will power, fight or flight, comfort, fear, gains, losses, selfishness, selflessness, content, happiness, the "light" and most importantly, love (and that's my short list.). All aspects of human capabilities and emotions derive from the heart. It is our life force. When it stops beating, the rest of our body shuts down and life as we know it expires. This is not morbid, it's simply the truth. Live life to the fullest!

OCEANS by John Butler kept me inspired while writing this post. I was absolutely speechless the first time I watched this video. It's an acoustical journey like no other. His ragged jeans, his old beat up guitar and his amazing talent are perfect. I found myself smiling while I watched and listened. Please, enjoy!

OCEANS - John Butler - 2012 Studio Version

Scotty J ~ "My elders said shine your light on the world. Shine your light for the world to see." - Mos Def

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

This morning I woke up thinking about my future wife. Do I already know her? Nope, and I am not jumping to any conclusions about who she actually could be either. When we reach thirty years old and become single, we tend to get jaded about relationships. For those of you that know me well... This potential woman of my future will, undoubtedly, be the most understanding woman in the world. That, or I will just have one hardcore bitch of a Labrador Retriever named "Tumbles". Regardless, here is my parting love-letter to the fictional, future "Mrs. Scott Jacobs":

Dear Love,

   I knew it was meant to be the day our eyes met. There has always been something magical about the produce section at the market. If it weren't for the eggplant you fumbled onto the ground, we may have never even noticed one another.
   We both laughed as we knocked heads, trying to snag it off of the floor before anyone else noticed. I tried to apologize, but you grabbed my wrist while looking into my eyes and beat me to it. I didn't even hesitate after that, I asked you out for coffee. You obliged.
   Once our shared hatred for $5 coffee drinks came to light, we held nothing back. Stories of our past experiences in life consumed the next couple of hours. We talked about sunsets over the lake, friends that we had lost, and the "little things" that inspired us. I wouldn't trade that conversation for the universe. We were higher on each other than any drug could have ever taken us. You invited me over for dinner. I obliged.
   We walked up to your apartment, our hands clasped together. We kissed before you could even turn the key. To question that action would have surely meant this would not last, but we never looked back. Together we made dinner, took a long walk and let our hearts meet under the moonlight. Our heartbeats amplified with a warm embrace and spoke to us both that night.
   Love has no boundaries. And, as long as we've been together, neither did we. We've reached for the stars, swam with the dolphins, panned for gold, fed the homeless, got lost in the woods and played in the rain. There was nothing in our way. As we grew older, the world had changed. However, our love had not. It grew stronger and so had our bond.
   In our twilight years, we have had nothing to confess. Except for the fact that we have had no regrets. As I reached my departing hour, you were here by my side. Your hand on my wrist and your eyes locked on mine. Remember? It's just like the first time we met. We laughed like always and saved our tears for sadness, refusing lament. That very moment our souls lit up the sky. This love of ours is eternal and we'll meet again soon. We have shared our last "I love you", but we could never say "goodbye".

We are the dream that came true.

Always and Forever,

p.s. I always loved that you kept the name "Aniston". Oh and don't forget to give Tumbles a belly rub after her walk, she's crazy about it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Music and Me

   My blog entry from last week created quite a stir. Friends and strangers alike, sent messages sharing their stories of lost love and words of encouragement. Honestly I didn't expect it, but I absolutely appreciate it. Unfortunately, there was one person who found my post atrocious. My former lover unleashed a wrath of emotions, disapproving of my topic choice.
   I fell back on the one thing that has always carried me through tough times, music. I don't make it. I can't play any instruments. However, I am always listening to music. The two universal languages in the world are love and music. We all can relate to both. Music has the ability to provide answers to the most difficult questions we ask ourselves. When I'm not discovering new music, you can find me jamming out to ALL of the classics. Every genre offers something unique. Over the last week of my travels I've listened to an abundance of music.
   FUNKtion's "Whatcha 'Gon Do" has been one of the most powerful remedies to my current life situation. Lead singer Andrew Schrock brings comfort to his listeners' ears by helping them move on from lost love. He pours his heart out about the shortcomings of people in failing relationships. In the chorus he asks, "Whatcha 'gon do when love is lost?" He then follows up with the simple and obvious answer, "Pay the price and accept this cost." There's no better to move on, than to believe in these words. After he gives us the answer we need to move on, he asks, "Will you be lost?" My answer... Not anymore Brother, thank you for the guidance.
Click here to listen:

   I have always been in awe by how well we relate to music. Currently at the top of my news feed on Facebook, a friend posted, "As I was pulling into the Parkview campus parking ramp, Sweet Emotion came on the radio. Now all I need is to be driving "The Judge". It's a Dazed and Confused kinda day." That just makes me smile. Every time I hear the song "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith, I think of that movie too. If I could pack all of my buddies into a car and head for the Moon-tower, trust me I would. Most of us that know the movie "Dazed and Confused" probably feel this way too. It is such a great flick with an amazing soundtrack.

Trailer for "Dazed and Confused"

Reminiscing about this movie makes me wish that I kept this mustache:

Pucker up ladies!

   Have you been listening to music today? Did it remind of you someone? Motivate you? Mellow you? Make you sing and dance? or even make you feel like yourself? I am willing to bet it did and I hope it always will. Let the music play and enjoy the soundtrack for life my friends. 


HI-TEK featuring J-Dilla, Nas, Common, Marsha, Busta Rhymes

Scotty J - Music is for life.