Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saving Scotty Jacobs: TRY ANYTHING ONCE

  Last week I covered my friend and personal trainer, Matt Powell. I aimed to simplify his character as a whole by asking him what three words the people closest to him would use to describe him. His reply, "TRY ANYTHING ONCE." Say it out loud to yourself... TRY ANYTHING ONCE (felt good, didn't it??). There is something incredibly liberating about this three-word-mantra. It is not necessarily about taking risks, but eliminating regrets.
   When I regret something, I always feel it in the pit of my stomach and from there it spreads like cancer. In the past, I have let it completely disable me. This is where TRY ANYTHING ONCE makes the difference. If I am regretting something I have not tried, well that's easy to remedy. Get the fuck up and try it! If regret is the result of something I have tried, then it's time to move on and try something else. No more letting negative emotions take up too much of my time. Life is short!
   A few years back, I met this young woman named Jenny. I was completely infatuated with her ability to experience life. She was brilliant and adventurous with a knack for feeding her spirit and soul. She was passionate about the earth, loved honey bees and seemed to always know where to find her smile. Jenny was the first person I ever took notice of having this TRY ANYTHING ONCE attitude. When opportunity knocked, she graciously answered.

Of course she's holding a pig in her arms...why not?!?
   Opportunity, by definition, is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. It really is that simple of a formula. I'm not a big fan of fancy-pants math/science problems, but the variables for opportunity are seemingly endless. I write to inspire and record a podcast to make others laugh, but to have content for either I have to experience life. The experiences are mostly about the little things like walking on an iced-over lake, giving a homeless person a spare jacket from my trunk when it's 0 degrees, perfecting baby-back ribs in the oven and talking dirty with a new friend. Tiny moments like these create the foundation for opportunity. Hopefully they will lead me to spear fishing for pike, feeding the homeless, being the king of a potluck and getting butt-naked with someone who makes me smile.
   We miss 100% of the shots we don't take. This obvious truth aligns with just about anything in life. It is the key to conquering fears, overcoming objections, reaching goals and beyond. All of the research in the world, on a particular interest, is meaningless if you never do it. If you're interested in something, take a shot at it. I completely understand wanting to be prepared, but a lot of the time we miss our chance to seize the moment and fall into that shitty feeling of regret. TRY ANYTHING ONCE. Make the experience itself your goal and the outcome (more often than not) will always be beneficial. We learn from our experiences, not our lack of them. On the chance that a potential experience backfired, don't fret. Mistakes are just life's lessons in disguise. Trust me on this one everybody, I have found myself learning plenty of "life's lessons".
   I started this post with the incredible image of a Jack Kerouac quote. I honestly think it was the nicest way to say "fuck you" to every close-minded schmuck out there. Embrace the TRY ANYTHING ONCE mentality and change your own world. Encourage the experiences in life and change someone else's world. Let the domino effect begin, make a difference for yourself, inspire those closest to you and watch them do the same for others. Regret is probably the world's biggest fear, TRY ANYTHING ONCE and lead by example. This world needs it!


Scotty J ~ "Curious George paved the way. TRY ANYTHING ONCE and make it a great day!"

Get it Buddy!!


  1. 1. "We miss 100% of the shots we don't take."
    How dare you quote 99 and not throw him some credit!

    2. If you ever get in to playing racquetball let me know. It's hella fun, but it's so hard to find partners. :( …and I love playing!

    1. I wrote in haste.. I need you here with me for things like this!! As for raquetball... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

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