Monday, January 27, 2014

Saving Scotty Jacobs: Four Weeks and a Day

   As of yesterday, I have completed four weeks of Kettlebell training. I have only taken two days off in the last month and I feel extremely rewarded with my progress. My initial training only involved two techniques - double hand swings and goblet squats. I have since incorporated one-arm swings and Turkish-get-ups, which have an even more amazing effect on my body. I have not even tempted myself with a sip of pop since the day after Christmas, I have focused on eliminating junk food from my cupboards and filling my usual "munchies" quota with cottage cheese and fruit.

That is some "Old Fashioned Goodness" right there!!
   On December 16, 2013... I hopped on a scale for the first time in a looooooong time. I weighed in at an unkempt 301 lbs! I felt extra fat in the worse way, but found a way to forgive myself and seek a better perspective on LIVING MY LIFE! Today is Monday January 27, 2014 and I'm proud to say in just six weeks I have already made it down to 268 lbs!! Can you believe that?!? I have shed off thirty-three pounds in just six weeks! There are no games or gimmicks here everybody, just dedication.
   I made a commitment to myself and asked all of the readers here on Brass-Knuckle Love Butter to hold me accountable. That is all it has taken for me to stay focused on working hard everyday. Now I don't want to leave out my awesome trainer, Matt Powell, for being able to read my level of enthusiasm and assigning me daily challenges that get me out of my comfort zone. Our ability to communicate openly about my progress makes a world of difference.

Matt Powell and "Ralphie" teaching "Hardstyle". (YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!)

   Since writing these Saving Scotty Jacobs posts, I have had multiple people inquire about Matt's expertise and availability. He started a Facebook page (Check it out here!) to easier field all inquiries, educate through use of StrongFirst media, post his own progress in "Hardstyle" Kettlebell training (there is an awesome video of him doing a Turkish-get-up with a 106 lbs Kettlebell!!) and, in the future, incorporating his own blog. I am also proud to announce that two of my good buddies have started training with Powell in the last 2 weeks and I look forward to sharing their progress here soon. Not only will I focus on their training, but lifestyle changes as well.

Matt Powell training his new Girya (student of kettlebell), Brewski!

   Lifestyle is a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. My biggest lifestyle change has been my approach towards food and other consumables. I do the obvious limiting of carbs and processed foods ("limiting" being the key word.). Water has always been tough for me to include on a daily basis, but I have consciously been drinking eleven glasses a day. This keeps me hydrated for my training sessions and much less hungry. As I mentioned earlier, cottage cheese has been a game changer. I have yet to break the habit of opening the 'fridge when I walk by it. Every single time I walk by, I just have to sneak a peak. I keep two quarts of cottage cheese right on the very front of the shelf, forcing that to be my "go to" when I'm hungry. I take a bite of cottage cheese before I decide that I am going to eat anything else. It usually curbs my appetite right away. The one daily treat I look forward to is chocolate milk and I only make it for myself after I am done training for the day. It is definitely my favorite fucking incentive!

Mmmmmmmmmm, I love you.

   I realize in my first Saving Scotty Jacobs post, I mentioned wanting to lose sixty pounds. That comment was really just a shot in the dark. "Hardstyle" training is not about weight-loss, but strength and health for life. After immersing myself in it for just this short period of time, I realize how addicted I already am to it. The more I train, the more I want from it. I am sure reaching my sixty pound goal will be accomplished, but that result has become meaningless. Since beginning all of this, the way I feel on the inside has changed completely.
   I want more than to just lose a few pounds. I want to work towards a certification and be able to teach the art of "Hardstyle" Kettlebells. This is a realistic goal that I am going to accomplish in the long term. The amount of time it takes for me to reach it will just be an awesome part of my life's great fucking adventure. The feedback from readers makes me want to be able to offer more and I could not think of a better way than working towards this certification. There is no better way to inspire and motivate others than to obtain the knowledge and skill it takes to educate them and lead by example!
   I know what it's like to sit on my ass and feel sorry for myself; I don't blame anyone for putting themselves through that either. Life can make us feel lost from time to time and we'll stay that way if we never stop and ask for directions. Pride is that double-edged sword that we are quick to fall on when challenged. Only when we set it aside is when we can take full control of our lives. Our futures are out there... are we going to wait for them to come to us?? or are we going to make them happen??? It's up to us!

Scotty J ~ "We always have the best intentions when we are at our worst. Let's get the fuck up and do something!!"

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