Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saving Scotty Jacobs - Feeling huMAN

   Alright, in the past two weeks I tied up my remaining loose ends from last year. It drummed up the kind of emotions that made it tough to think clearly and stay positive. The kettlebell, however, refused to let me down; it always stays true, regardless of the circumstances. This in turn kept me honest with every routine and had me dig deeper into my true self.
   I don't want people to think Hardstyle kettlebell techniques are some figurative light at the end of some dark tunnel. Hardstyle is the guiding light that illuminates our surroundings, our strength and our lives; no matter what path we choose to walk. Everyday that I pick up the kettlebell it always teaches me more about myself, how I understand the world and what I can do to make a difference in it. Hardstyle builds my self-worth and empowers me to live honestly. Hell, I usually train in my boxer-briefs!! A lack of clothing (for me) always provides a massive influx of productivity.
   This gives me the perfect chance to honestly tell you a little bit about myself. In my youth I wore "husky" sized jeans, sometimes swam with a t-shirt on and would get embarrassed about my body. I also know, I'm not the only man out there with a past like this. Fortunately I still maintained an enthusiastic lifestyle of socializing, playing sports and making lifelong friendships. Then eventually, I grew into being a man (and maybe part black bear.).
   I am a real man, covered in hair; with salt and pepper on my scalp, bushy squirrel tails over my eyes and a beard that loves to muff dive. I have dark curly fibrous man-threads draped over my shoulders, flowing down my chest, back and the rest of my entire body. I sweat from every single pore and I'll go to war with an ingrown hair. My musk is woodsy, natural and passionate - with a healthy pinch of Kosher salt. My wide frame is heavy with muscle, fat and love. My scars tell stories. My big feet stink sometimes. I fart. I burp. I snore when I sleep. I make no excuses for being this way. In fact, I truly embrace it. If I could put it bluntly... you would find a man like me stark naked, finger-painting a cave wall faster than you would see me featured in GQ Magazine.
   Well men, I know there are a ton of you out there just like me. Enough is enough already! We let the "pretty" people have their moment; now it's our job to help the world FEEL HUMAN! We have to rock what we've got and put the kibosh on any social stigma that prevents us from revealing our manliness. Like we really give a shit if the slender guy with the 8-pack of abs and the thighs that don't touch looks comfortable on the XXL sized underwear package. Seriously, I mean what the fuck are they trying to tell us? If we wear their underwear, we'll look like that guy?? Fuck off, put a real man on there... pussies. I would love to see a a big, hairy fitness model land the lead role in the next BowFlex commercial. Big natural men need to be featured more in the spotlight. We are the "norm", not the underwear models of the world. Any one of you who feels embarrassed by being your natural self or showing off your natural self, this post is for you. I am going to go ahead and lead by example here:




   I had an awesome correspondence with a friend over the weekend, that literally left me smiling. She said, "I don't think we would be where we are or who we are without facing some adversity along the way.", and it's so true. Life passes by regardless of us living it up or letting it happen to us. How we live through each experience is what defines us along the way. I know what it's like to be embarrassed of myself, afraid of myself and disappointed in myself - it's no way to live. The only way to overcome those obstacles, is to believe in yourself!! (recurring anecdote - I hope you're all catching on!!)
   Before my "man rant" I mentioned how Hardstyle kettlebell training has helped me to develop a genuine sense of self-worth. I am 45 days into training and have the rest of my life to go! This is my journey and I'm not interested in just showing you some pictures of what I look like a year from now. The self-worth is forged in the actual work, not the outcome. The one consistent outcome in life, is death. Results are meaningless if you can't celebrate the energy it took to reach them.
   There is unfathomable value when it comes to Hardstyle training. I don't spend my days in a gym that costs an arm and a leg, I don't pay some guy to accost me over my shoulder - telling me to "try harder" and I don't have to buy a bunch of gimmicky "fitness" bullshit that tells me how I progressed for the day. My investments are the kettlebell itself and the education I need to maximize its use. Strength, health, longevity, endurance and peace of mind grow with every single repetition. I've learned that these things are most important: Truthfully redefine yourself as often as you need, allow yourself to feel human, endorse that feeling everyday and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Take action.

Scotty J ~

"Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words."
- D. Wood


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